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Date:2007-01-14 10:21
Subject:s60 v.3 bluejacking program

I have nokia e61. But there are so little soft fo this platform :(
Maybe, someone know where can I find bluejakacking soft for my smart.

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Date:2007-01-11 20:13
Subject: nokia 3250

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Date:2005-12-27 13:15

Hi, I just joined this community because I want to learn more about the world of bluetooth and how to take advantage of it.
I have a brand new Sony Ericsson W900i. It's a great phone with incredible features. Anyway, I live on the 3rd floor of a tower block and most nights I search for devices. I usally find HAMA and DARA. I think they live in the apartment below me. They are kurdish, I am English and I allowed HAMA access to my phone services and he keeps sending me shit icons and music.
Last night I was receiving a MIDI from him when my phone COMPLETELY crashed. None of the buttons were responding so I had to take off the battery :-( Could he have sent me a virus or something? Can you get bluetooth virus's? Is there any good pranks I can pull back?

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Date:2005-04-07 13:42
Subject:Newbie with two questions...

I bought a Zire72 from a friend, and have installed WebPro on it. It says, obviously, it's a Bluetooth compatible device.

I also subscribed to a WiFi spot finder.

Does this mean that if I go to any of the WiFi spots found, that I can surf the Internet via my handheld? I know this is probably such a stupid question but the nearest WiFi spots are not places I usually go to (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc) so I don't want to waste a trip if I'm oversimplifying.

Also- I have Verizon DSL on my home computer. This is more personal connection than jacking, but does this also mean that if I get a little Bluetooth USB thingie and plug it into my computer, I can surf anywhere in the house?

Thanks for answering my probably stunningly basic questions, I've been enjoying reading the previous posts, and now know not to go storing stuff on there that I don't want anyone seeing. I'll just keep my bad poetry in my notebook for now. :)

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Date:2004-12-04 12:21
Subject:newbie, be gentle.....
Mood: curious

Afternoonie folks,
Just got upgraded to a Nokia 6230 and been playing around with it a little. I was wondering exactly how to I do the search for BlueTooth devices and send a message to them using it? I tried doing it with the first entry instructions but i dont think I'm doing it right. I dont see a option to do that unless I#m dumber than I look. (yes i know I'm that dumb) :P

thanks anyways and enjoy the bluetoothing, jacking, humping whatever you wanna call it.....

~ B ~

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Date:2004-08-27 12:49

Bluejacking Tips: "3) Do not send anything rude/bad text to anyone"

Um ... does that include standing outside the RNC with my phone, sending "Bush Sucks" to everyone inside? ::giggle::

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Date:2004-08-06 07:20

Is this really news?

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Date:2004-06-22 18:15

Need a new laptop, pocket pc, or palm for lj updates on the go?

HandHeld Pocket PC Jornada 720

Toshiba Lapto under $200

Brand New Sony Palm with a 2 MegaPixel camera built in and BLUETOOTH

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Date:2004-02-20 11:10
Subject:The Death of Bluetooth: Intel Moves to Ultrawideband

At the Intel Developer Forum on Wednesday Intel announced the company was giving up on the deadlocked Ultrawideband IEEE task group and going it alone with a derivative offering they are calling Wireless USB. This initiative, for them, does everything that Bluetooth does and, effectively means that for PCs Bluetooth is all but dead.

Intel's history with Bluetooth, up until now, was solid. It was one of the major backers but the technology took years longer then expected to come to market. It's really never been accepted as a PC standard. Even Microsoft was slow to adopt it due to concerns about the standard. The company's Bluetooth keyboard and mouse were a disaster.

More here

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Date:2004-02-11 22:50
Subject:Sony Ericsson phones open to 'snarf' attack

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that two of its cell phones and three Ericsson handsets are vulnerable to a "snarfing" attack.

The confirmation comes just days after Nokia said that some of its handsets have the same problem, which can allow an attacker to read, modify and copy a phone's contacts book, calendar and other data without requiring the victim's device to "pair" with another Bluetooth device.

"It has come to our attention that it is possible for a remote Bluetooth computer to extract personal information from a phone with Bluetooth even if it is unpaired," a Sony Ericsson representative said.

The representative told ZDNet UK that the problem affects the Sony Ericsson T610 and T68i handsets as well as the Ericsson T39, R520 and T68 models.

More here

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Date:2003-11-24 19:30
Subject:Bluetooth Security

Some of you may heard about the Bluetooth security, where someone claims that they could "steal" your phone book and access other area.

Firstly reported by BBC News and then soon, The Register posted this article.

It's an interesting read and it should relax your mind about Bluetooth security, but... is it secure enough?

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Date:2003-11-24 09:34
Subject:Bluejacking ain't hijacking

Letter Last week we reported on preliminary research from security firm A.L. Digital which suggested a number of security problems with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones from Nokia and Ericsson. The paper argued that digital pickpockets could swipe address books and data from mobile phones because of security shortcomings in the implementation of Bluetooth by the manufacturers.

Not so, says Nick Hunn, who in addition to his day job at TDK Systems is a long-standing proponent of and expert on Bluetooth. Nick reckons A.L. Digital's research gives little cause for concern. The easiest way to get data off a mobile phone is to steal it, according to Nick:

More here

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Date:2003-11-23 21:54
Subject:My Bluejacking story
Mood: amused

Here's my story

I was just browsing around to see if I could find any bluetooth device that are enabled. My phone (Sony Ericsson T610) tells me there are two.

One was "Unknown" and another one was... guess?

"Fuc* Off!"

Haha, I guess he got a good sense of humor of bluejack, eh?

So, what was your story?

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Date:2003-11-23 11:57
Subject:Welcome to this new Community!

What is Bluejacking?

Bluejacking takes advantage of the Bluetooth communications technology built into many modern mobile phones. Bluetooth allows mobile devices to communicate with one another, at a range of about 30 feet. When Bluetooth is activated it can automatically seek out other Bluetooth phones in the vicinity and attempt to communicate with them.

How do I bluejack?

As there are different menu on the phone/PDAs, I can't list all of the methods to bluejack. But the simple steps below should get you started.

1) Turn on Bluetooth on your device.

2) Create a new phone book contact (Address Book, Phone Book), with the message you want to send to someone in the "Name" field. e.g. "You have been Bluejacked!" Save it.

3) Select the new contact that you created and select "Send via Bluetooth"

4) Your device will start searching for other Bluetooth enabled device (up to 10M/33feet range)

5) Select one of these devices listed for your phone book contact to be sent to. Send it

6) If all goes well, it should go through to the other device.


1) Do this in a very busy area, i.e. shopping mall, street, train, Starbuck, you get the idea

2) Don't make it obvious that you did it. Act like nothing's happening, but keep your eyes to the victim, who may act shocked/surprised.

3) Do not send anything rude/bad text to anyone

If you have any further tips, please post to this community.

This community is open to all members, so feel free to join!

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