Tony Sutton (tsutton) wrote in bluejacking,
Tony Sutton

Sony Ericsson phones open to 'snarf' attack

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that two of its cell phones and three Ericsson handsets are vulnerable to a "snarfing" attack.

The confirmation comes just days after Nokia said that some of its handsets have the same problem, which can allow an attacker to read, modify and copy a phone's contacts book, calendar and other data without requiring the victim's device to "pair" with another Bluetooth device.

"It has come to our attention that it is possible for a remote Bluetooth computer to extract personal information from a phone with Bluetooth even if it is unpaired," a Sony Ericsson representative said.

The representative told ZDNet UK that the problem affects the Sony Ericsson T610 and T68i handsets as well as the Ericsson T39, R520 and T68 models.

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