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Welcome to this new Community!

What is Bluejacking?

Bluejacking takes advantage of the Bluetooth communications technology built into many modern mobile phones. Bluetooth allows mobile devices to communicate with one another, at a range of about 30 feet. When Bluetooth is activated it can automatically seek out other Bluetooth phones in the vicinity and attempt to communicate with them.

How do I bluejack?

As there are different menu on the phone/PDAs, I can't list all of the methods to bluejack. But the simple steps below should get you started.

1) Turn on Bluetooth on your device.

2) Create a new phone book contact (Address Book, Phone Book), with the message you want to send to someone in the "Name" field. e.g. "You have been Bluejacked!" Save it.

3) Select the new contact that you created and select "Send via Bluetooth"

4) Your device will start searching for other Bluetooth enabled device (up to 10M/33feet range)

5) Select one of these devices listed for your phone book contact to be sent to. Send it

6) If all goes well, it should go through to the other device.


1) Do this in a very busy area, i.e. shopping mall, street, train, Starbuck, you get the idea

2) Don't make it obvious that you did it. Act like nothing's happening, but keep your eyes to the victim, who may act shocked/surprised.

3) Do not send anything rude/bad text to anyone

If you have any further tips, please post to this community.

This community is open to all members, so feel free to join!
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