Baby, I'm gonna do you till you can juggle. (shaysdays) wrote in bluejacking,
Baby, I'm gonna do you till you can juggle.

Newbie with two questions...

I bought a Zire72 from a friend, and have installed WebPro on it. It says, obviously, it's a Bluetooth compatible device.

I also subscribed to a WiFi spot finder.

Does this mean that if I go to any of the WiFi spots found, that I can surf the Internet via my handheld? I know this is probably such a stupid question but the nearest WiFi spots are not places I usually go to (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc) so I don't want to waste a trip if I'm oversimplifying.

Also- I have Verizon DSL on my home computer. This is more personal connection than jacking, but does this also mean that if I get a little Bluetooth USB thingie and plug it into my computer, I can surf anywhere in the house?

Thanks for answering my probably stunningly basic questions, I've been enjoying reading the previous posts, and now know not to go storing stuff on there that I don't want anyone seeing. I'll just keep my bad poetry in my notebook for now. :)
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