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nokia 3250

HANDS FREE for nokia 3250 headset-fit for Cell | Delivery HANDS FREE for nokia 3250 headset to Russia without prepayment | In Moscow, we will take HANDS FREE for nokia 3250 headset courier Provodnaya nokia headset to connect to a mobile phone. Bilateral breaker kruchok-fiksator it gently and securely headset with a user-you parties and that the unpleasant feeling when wearing long, and sent to the microphone shumopodavljeniem stationed on the hard carrier guarantees the high quality speech even in a noisy environment. Logitech issued with a standard connector 2,5-mmo or special connector N1, N2, N3, E1, SM1, SM2 and S to connect to the phones Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Samsung. Modifications to a special socket in the beginning / end of the conversation, and support the voice of recruitment. Key characteristics : • Light and elegant design • Pleasant colors for • Soft breaker kruchok-fiksator • Directional microphones with noise • Standard 2,5-mmo or special connector • Easy button start / end of the conversation? e • Voice set? The only modifications with a special connector.
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